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1. What is it?
The preparation of a customized formulation prescribed by a health care professional and made in the pharmacy for a specific patient.

2. Why is it beneficial?
To provide a unique dosage that is not commercially available.
To enhance compliance of medication therapy.
To avoid certain ingredients that may not agree with the patient.

3. Who can do it?
Our pharmacy is equipped to compound most non-sterile preparations; many chain pharmacies are unable to meet this need.  Our compounding pharmacists have received specialized training from Professional Compounding Centers of America in Houston, Texas.


Doctors Park Pharmacy offers a variety of vaccinations.  We have pharmacists on staff who have completed immunization administration courses and are certified by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy to administer vaccines.  We offer the Flu vaccine annually with no prescription required as well as several other vaccines available by prescription.  No appointment is necessary for vaccine administration.

Medication Therapy Management

We always provide patient counseling with each new prescription, but if you are in need of additional assistance please feel free to contact us.  Some insurance plans offer Medication Therapy Management programs, which allow the pharmacist to review your personal prescription drug therapies and make appropriate recommendations for you and your health care provider to consider.

Drive-Thru and Delivery

We have a convenient drive-thru window for drop off or pick up of your prescriptions.  For those who are physically limited, those with small children, or for any other reason, please feel free to use our drive-thru window.

We offer curbside assistance, including vaccine administration, for those who are unable to come in the pharmacy. Just give us a call from your vehicle and we’ll bring your prescriptions to you. 

We also offer delivery service Monday through Friday to most areas within Norman’s city limits.  



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